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Category: SEO

How to optimize your website

Search engine optimization is very important when it comes to Internet marketing. Without it, there would be chaos on the Internet and most of the time you would be getting some useless information, unlike how it is today. In order to determine whether your website is right or wrong for the search query somebody just inputted, search engines use their own and unique algorithms. These algorithms are not known to the public and most likely they never will be, so it is up to us to determine what impacts their search the most. Of course, we can never know...

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Benefits of SEO

For those of you who don’t know what SEO is, SEO stands for search engine optimization and it helps your website rank up amongst the website of similar design. For an example, if you and your buddy both have websites about selling bicycles, but yours is search engine optimized, yours will pop up first for the people who type ”bicycles for sale” in the search engine. It’s very important because without it, Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine will simply discard your website, put it onto some seventh page and the traffic you will receive will be close...

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