With the development of the technology, all businesses are required to use the new methods of advertisement and marketing or they have fewer chances to succeed in their mission. The same goes for churches, most of them would be forced to close their doors if they don’t accept the new technology and use the Internet to attract new visitors. However, this shouldn’t worry you a lot, there are now many easy but creative methods to advertise your churches and grow your congregations.

How to advertise your church?

The advertisement was always a part of churches’ business whether it was in the shape of letters to church members, colorful brochures. But today, there are many new and interesting choices you could try. Here are a few things you can do to attract more visitors.


1. Facebook page

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business today. There is almost no person without a social media page on the Internet. Facebook is maybe the most commonly used social network on the internet, therefore you should make a page for your church. If you have a website, you can easily share your content to your Facebook page, making it easier to reach your followers. In case you want more promotion, you can design an ad and promote it via Facebook, just choose the wanted audience and your message will be heard.

2. YouTube Channel

Many people can afford to attend Sundays’ sermons, however, you can make them available via the Internet. Record your services and sermons and put them online, possibly on your website, this way your visitors will still have a chance to participate in your services. If you want a larger reach, you should make a YouTube channel and advertise it by constantly updating it, sharing new videos, recording new sermons.

3. Newsletter

newsletterEven this has changed, there is no more sending brochures or newspapers, you should start e-mail based newsletter service. You should send them weekly to all members of your congregation, and other visitors who signed-up for receiving them.  Now, what about the content of your newsletter? It should include information about your following services and sermons or even copies of recent sermons. Inform your members about all the special services including Christmas, Easter and so on. Organize bake sales, food drives and other activities and spread the word.

4. Start a Blog

Each website should have a blog. We already mentioned every church should have a website, which means, every church should have a blog also. Write articles about the good things happening in your congregation, spread the word of Jesus. You can even ask your young members to join you and write interesting articles for your website. This will make them occupied and more interested in churches’ services. Ask them to write from their point of view and spread religion and knowledge.

Also, encourage parishioners, especially young ones, to tweet and post during your services, using the Twitter hashtags, this can really help you spread the good word and attract new visitors.