Search engine optimization is very important when it comes to Internet marketing. Without it, there would be chaos on the Internet and most of the time you would be getting some useless information, unlike how it is today. In order to determine whether your website is right or wrong for the search query somebody just inputted, search engines use their own and unique algorithms. These algorithms are not known to the public and most likely they never will be, so it is up to us to determine what impacts their search the most. Of course, we can never know for sure, but what we know so far works perfectly well.

Why do you need SEO?

SEO helps your website rank higher on the list of search results. This may sound easy and not very significant, but trust us, it is.

The first five links that appear on the search are responsible for 67 percent of all the clicks and results ranging from 6 to 10 only receive about 4 percent. So, if you want your website to receive enough traffic, your goal should be to appear in one of the first five places. The only way to do that is to optimize your website and make search engines love you.

What do search engines look for?

  1. Search EnginesRelevancy. Search engines tend to provide users with the most relevant content depending on what they were searching for. Meaning that some keywords or phrases will determine whether your website will appear on the list or not at all. So be careful when choosing which words those will be so that people can find you just by typing in a few words.
  2. Quality of Content. Quality is very important because the search engine optimization is not really about the search engine but about how your content appeals to people. If you publish articles or videos regularly and if they have quality content, you will rank higher quickly.
  3. Site Speed. Website speed is also very important. People on the Internet tend to be very impatient and if they have to wait a long time for your website to load, they will most likely leave. Search engine knows this too so they choose to hide your website rather than show it if it doesn’t have a sufficient speed.
  4. User experience. User experience is very important. Your website must look neat and organized. Make sure you don’t clutter or stuff too much information because it will deter a lot of people and most importantly rank lower among search engines.

What are the search engines not looking for?

  1. Duplicated Content. Search engines hate copies and if your website contains the same sentences or whole articles like another website created before yours, you will down-rank it quite badly.
  2. Keyword stuffing. If the sentences do not look natural and contain the same word or phrase too many times it will hurt your website. In the eyes of the search engine, this will mean that you are only doing it for the ranking and not for the people visiting your website and you will be punished for it.Search Engine Marketing